Townhouse Inspection

Townhouse Inspection: Knowledge is King


Currently, the term “townhouse” describes units that resemble detached homes, but in fact a townhouse shares “party walls” in a multi-unit complex. With this in mind, it is important to realize that townhouse ownership is unique when compared to detached houses. Because not only are you investing in your individual unit, but also in the entire complex. Therefore, knowledge is king when investing in a townhouse. As a result, my townhouse inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of not only the townhouse you live in but also the entire complex.

Townhouse Inspection. Up to 1500 square feet — $399.00 — Includes the following:

3.5 Hours Minimum

Examining the whole complex

To begin, I start the townhouse inspection with a general look at the entire complex. While it is outside the scope of a townhouse inspection to do an in-depth building envelope evaluation, I do look for design flaws that make townhouses prone to water leakage. In addition, I look for problematic construction materials, poor repairs and flashing failures. Then I will inspect mechanical rooms, the roof of the complex and storage areas (if accessible). Next, I inspect the parking garage for water seepage and adequate ventilation to deal with carbon monoxide. Once I finished examining the whole complex, I move into the townhouse unit.


Inside the unit

Once inside the townhouse, the inspection is identical to a house inspection. I do a room-by-room inspection including the crawlspace/attic, any balconies and inspect each major operating system. Such as the plumbing, heating/cooling, electrical systems. I observe and report on safety issues, areas in need of repair, and immediate replacements required. Finally, I do appliance testing, moisture scans in bathrooms and a general thermal scan of the interior.

Review the History of the Building

In order to get the “full picture” it is important for clients to review all the strata documents and depreciation reports that are given. Since these are complex documents, as a courtesy when asked I help to interpret these documents.

Townhouse Inspection Narrative Digital Report

With your best interest in mind, I provide you with an inspection report that is concise and straightforward. Likewise, I write it using clear and easy to read sentences, not check boxes. To help explain my observations the report will also have photographs and diagrams. Also, I custom design each report based on our unique climate. As an illustration, click the link below to see my sample report:

Sample Townhouse Report.

Bottom Line: Peace of Mind

Take comfort that I am insured, bonded and  a licensed home inspector by the Province of British Columbia. Furthermore, I am a member of the Home Inspectors Association of British Columbia (HIABC).

In conclusion, you will gain the peace of mind that the decisions you make for your townhouse are informed ones.

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