Pre Delivery Inspection


Buying a new home is not the same as buying a re-sale home.


A pre delivery inspection can be your first opportunity to see your brand new home. It’s when you and the builder checkout the property together, on a detailed walk through. This final check takes place before closing or within 30 days of taking possession.

What could be a problem with this walk-through? Well, it can be easy to let the newness of everything blind you to what should otherwise be some obvious issues. Time and again clients tell me the pre delivery process felt rushed.

Understanding how a building should perform under normal circumstances is difficult for some buyers. Not identifying all the issues can create undue stress for you down the road, which is why my pre delivery inspection can be crucial during this process.

Shelter West’s Pre Delivery Inspection includes:

  • I will come with you on your walk through with the builder. While with you I examine the workmanship of the home and also search for material issues that might affect performance.
  • I will explain what a reasonable expectation is and what isn’t. I use clear language, not technical jargon. You will receive a detailed, but easy to read, written report.
  • Also, I will document the pre delivery inspection by taking many photos. Photos are important to provide evidence of issues.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask many questions. You will get to learn about areas of your home that a builder’s representative may not understand. Some reps don’t know where the water and gas shut on / off are, and how to use them. If requested I can help with tips/tricks for improvements you might want to make. I can even help you develop a maintenance schedule for your new home.
  • I can help you understand the forms that the builder will ask you to fill out to complete the inspection. Home warranty insurance providers rely on information recorded on these forms. This info helps determine whether they will cover physical damage to materials. Materials like finished flooring, counter tops, and plumbing fixtures. What if damage may have occurred after occupancy? Your warranty provider may not assess it as a defect in their policy. This means that you are on the hook to pay for it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to ease some of the stress during this important walk through? Having an unbiased advocate with you is priceless.