New Home Warranty Inspection


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 Schedule a new home warranty inspection before time runs out.

When you buy a new built home, the builder provides you with home warranty insurance. The cost of this warranty insurance is included in the sale price of your home. This is special type of insurance (sometimes called a third-party warranty). It’s meant to give peace of mind against risks that you can’t control and some financial security. The mandatory minimum warranty in British Columbia is the 2-5-10 warranty.

The minimum 2-5-10 home warranty includes:

A minimum of 2 years on labour and materials (with some exclusions), 5 years on the building envelope including water penetration, and 10 years on structure.

It is important to note that the 2-year labour and materials coverage is further broken down:

  1. 12 months on detached homes and on non-common property inside strata units
  2. 15 months on common property of strata buildings

Defects in materials and labour related to the delivery and distribution systems (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.)

  1. 24 months for all buildings



What is important to understand about new construction:


The construction of new homes is a complex and often confusing undertaking. It involves many people, including various sub-contractors working on different parts of the home. Home construction occurs in large volumes, and hurried to completion in today’s economic climate. Thus lots of things could go wrong with your new home. During construction and throughout the first year. Sometimes you can find obvious defects in the first months in your new home. Such as appliances that do not function and cosmetic issues. What about technical defects? Most home owners won’t have the expertise to locate these. Undetected defects can lead to expensive repairs in the future.

So it is crucial to have a thorough warranty inspection combined with concise documentation. Knowing the facts your home is important when preparing for the one year walk through.

Getting a warranty inspection could be your last opportunity to identify any defects. Then have them fixed by the builder before the warranty expires.



Top reasons to schedule a warranty inspection:

  • It is common for builders to be responsible for repairs to your new home for the first 12 months.
  • The cost of warranty repairs was calculated into the cost of the home you bought. You have in essence already paid for any repairs needed.
  • The cost of the warranty inspection is less than the possible cost of future repairs.



What is a new home warranty inspection?

This special inspection should take place before the end of your builder’s home warranty. I recommend that this inspection take place 9-11 months after you take occupancy of your new home. Furthermore, my new home warranty inspection includes everything the buyer’s inspection covers.


Issues I find on warranty inspections:

  • Exterior cladding, paint and caulking issues that can lead to moisture ingress problems
  • Exterior grading improperly toward the home
  • Active water leaks not visible to the naked eye – using thermal imaging to diagnose
  • Windows and doors, installed poorly
  • Completely missing areas of insulation
  • Roofing defects including exposed nail heads
  • Improper roof structure construction, damaged roof trusses
  • Chimneys too close to combustible materials – fire hazards
  • Visible structural defects, holes in beams
  • Missing furnace vent caps, allowing water to leak into unit causing premature rust and failure
  • Improperly installed electrical panels, and grounding systems
  • Reversed plumbing connections
  • Unconnected and damaged heating/air conditioning ductwork
  • Improperly installed plumbing vent roofs leading to water leakage and structural damage
  • Health and safety violations of the building code



Don’t let time run out. Once the 1 year anniversary of closing on your new home has passed, you are on your own in most cases.



 Protect your investment and contact Shelter West Home Inspections to schedule your new home warranty inspection.