Investor Inspection

Investor Inspection

The Investor Inspection is all about the “Return On Investment”


Are you thinking of buying an investment property or fixer-upper? If so, you need an “Investor Inspection” that Shelter West will tailor make to suit your investment needs. Most seasoned investment buyers do not need all of the detail that is provided with a standard home inspection. Therefore, my “Investor Inspection” is an abbreviated inspection. It only focuses on the bare-bone major items. These items are critical to operate the home and typically expensive to repair or replace. You will receive a written report, but it is shorter and also costs less than a standard home inspection.


A typical investor inspection includes the following:

  • Safety hazards
  • Foundation/Structure concerns (water damp) including inspecting the attic and crawlspace/basement
  • Overall roof condition
  • Overall condition of major systems, evaluating service and workmanship. Including the following systems: electrical/plumbing/heating/Air conditioning.
  • Overall condition of exterior such as water intrusion concerns.

Do you have specific concerns or are you a new investor? Just specify if you need additional items (for a nominal fee) or if you want sections removed. The actual fee depends on the size of the home, the age and to some extent the condition and what you want inspected. Generally, a full investor inspection starts at $250.00.



  • Protect your investment
  • The ability for customization of inspections to fit your specific needs. For example, property maintenance inspections for long-term investment properties
  • You will have a professional team member you can trust, that is available to you on short notice
  • The inspection adds professional credibility and objectiveness when working with sellers (banks, lenders, etc.)


Investor consultation?

Additionally, some investors only want a “walk and talk” consultation which I provide as well. Experienced investors often want to take their own notes while walking through the home with the home inspector. This consultation will cover the same content that a regular investor inspection covers. The difference is that there is no report provided, so of course, the fee is also less. Generally, the fee ranges from $125 for condominiums, $150.00 for townhouses and $175.00 for houses.



Armed with an Investor Inspection, you make better investment decisions.