The pre delivery inspection / PDI


What is a Pre Delivery Inspection or PDI?


A pre delivery inspection or PDI can be your first opportunity to see your brand new home. It is when you and the builder checkout the property together, on a detailed walk through. This final check takes place before closing or within 30 days of taking possession.

A typical pre delivery process is as follows:


  1. You and the builder will verify that they have fulfilled all terms of the contract.
  2. The majority of the construction process has finished and meets your expectations.
  3. All the major systems are in proper functioning condition.



It is the builder’s responsibility to guide you through inspecting the home for problems. He/she should provide you with a demonstration on how to operate your home’s systems. As well, they will hand over each of the system’s instruction manuals. Finally, the builder should explain how to complete your home maintenance.



Seems easy. Why bother hiring a home inspector?


What could be a problem with this walk-through?  Well, it can be easy to let the newness of everything blind you to what should otherwise be some obvious issues. Time and again clients tell me the PDI processes felt rushed. Some builders have many of these appointments lined up. Want to know a little known secret? Some builders try to get your appointment completed as fast as possible. They do this so that the report has the least amount of items possible. How does that help you?



What is a Shelter West Home Inspections Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI)?



Understanding how a building should perform under normal circumstances is difficult for some buyers. Not identifying all the issues can create undue stress down the road. Which is why my pre delivery inspection can be crucial during this process. I strive to help you confirm that the construction of your new home is to the standards the builder promised. As well as make sure each of the systems is in proper working order. Finally, my inspections includes looking for health and safety hazards in the home.


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Having the knowledge provided with my pre delivery inspection you can take advantage of catching issues early, and having them corrected promptly. Then all that is left to do is pick up your keys and enjoy your new home.

About Geoff Bohaker

Geoff is the owner and operator of Shelter West Home Inspections in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. His boundless curiosity for buildings and how they interact as complete systems, guide him on his journey to educate his clients on making the most informed home decisions possible.