Interior Fall Home Maintenance

interior fall home maintenance

Interior fall home maintenance tips to ensure your home is warm and operating efficiently.


The temperature outside is dropping and the wet weather is here, so now its time to get some interior fall home maintenance completed. While doing chores probably isn’t how you planned on spending your free time, doing so can save time and money down the road. Here are five simple tips about interior fall home maintenance, with green options for people interested in ways to reduce impact on the planet.


To start:

1.   Change Your Furnace Filter

This is an easy maintenance job that you can do as a home owner. It is good practice to do this every 3 months.

image-of-furnace-image-of furnace-filter-sequence-to change-filter

Green option: Use a furnace filter known as a permanent/reusable filter. For a furnace filter to be reusable, it should have a metal type grid on its surface. In some cases the filter may be able to detach from the frame to allow for easier cleaning. Does the filter look like it’s made of cotton, if so then it isn’t reusable.


2. Change the direction of your ceiling fans.

That’s right, your ceiling fan has the ability to change directions! Which is great in the winter, because reversing the direction of the ceiling fan will better distribute warm air throughout the room. This prevents the wind chill affects you can sometimes feel.


Green option: Ceiling fans are already green products so my advice is only for fans with lights. Change out the incandescent bulbs for a low wattage option.


3. Check the smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

Working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors save lives, so check them often. Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions for testing.

interior fall home maintenance

Green option: The only green option I know for alarms is to use combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.


4. Weather-strip doors & windows

Do this task to reduce air leakage and help keep cold air out. Supplies and techniques can range from simple to quite technical. So make sure you always follow the instructions on the weather-stripping package.


Green option: You can use a product called “Rope-Caulk” which is a removable putty in a roll. It has been around for decades and comes in eco-friendly materials. However, only use it on windows.


5. Check the attic for missing insulation.

What does your attic look like, are there any bare spots without insulation? Often during a house inspection, this is where I see insulation problems. If you see bare spots without pest evidence, add some new insulation to these areas. Because exposed sections of an attic floor allow for warm moist air from the inside of the house to flow into the unheated area in the attic. Which leads to any of the following: condensation buildup, organic growth (mould) and large energy losses.  Homes with uniform insulation levels benefit your comfort and wallet all year long.


Green options: Insulation does have green options, so try filling any voids with an eco friendly product like cellulose insulation. For example, there is a Canadian product called “Weathershield” that claims to be made of 86% of recycled materials. Therefore, a pretty green is you ask me!


To conclude:

Be observant and stick to this interior fall home maintenance plan, it could save you time and money in the future.


Author: Geoff Bohaker at Shelter West Home Inspections

About Geoff Bohaker

Geoff is the owner and operator of Shelter West Home Inspections in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. His boundless curiosity for buildings and how they interact as complete systems, guide him on his journey to educate his clients on making the most informed home decisions possible.