Exterior Fall Home Maintenance


5 tips for homeowners: exterior fall home maintenance.


Summer is winding down in the Pacific North West, while the weather is dry it is still important to prepare your home for the inevitable wet and cooler weather. Try to complete these 5 exterior fall home maintenance tips so you can relax and enjoy you home. However, know that there is no shame in not being comfortable with home maintenance; so just hire a licensed trade’s person to complete the work. Finally, I always like to add environmentally options to reduce impact on the planet, these will be included under each photo.


1. Winterise plumbing pipes for exterior hose bibs

Do you have the older style exterior hose bibs (the outside water faucets)? If you answered yes, then it is prudent that you winterize them in cold weather. By doing this you can help reduce unexpected pipe bursts.

exterior fall home maintenance winterise hose bibs

Green option: Replace old bibs with new “frost-free, atmospheric protected” hose bibs, which reduces freezing and prevents back flow.


2. Seal holes and gaps in your siding.

This exterior fall home maintenance tip should be included in your annual maintenance schedule. It is important because it can reduce moisture and insect ingress into your home that can damage hidden wall cavities. For most siding a silicone caulk is fine as a sealant.


Green options: look for green the “EcoLogo” on caulks for stucco siding. I found that ECO-BOND can work for all other sidings.



3. Check exhaust vents have pest screens.

Exhaust vents are notorious for providing a warm refuge for animals that can infiltrate into homes. So, screens or working doors on exhaust vents are crucial.


Green option: There are green options that are currently on the market, such as indoor dryer exhausts; but do not use them. Unfortunately, this “fix” produces excessive moisture inside the home, which is pointless.



4. Clean out gutters.

Clean gutters reduce roof damage, foundation damage and water leakage into your home.


Green option: If you are interested in an eco-friendly replacement for the gutters around your home. Steel and copper are high quality green products but they are quite pricey.



5. Direct down spout terminations away from house.

Down-spouts that terminate on the home or right next to the home create problems. Because they will direct water to flow toward and into the home. So damage can happen, which leave you with potentially expensive foundation issues.


Green option: Consider linking your gutters to a “rooftop catchment system” that captures rainwater in rain barrels. Use this reserved water on non-edible plantings.



That’s it, just finish these fall maintenance tips and your home will be better prepared for fall.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Author: Geoff Bohaker for Shelter West Home Inspections

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