Standards of Practice

standards of practice

Shelter West Home Inspections follows a special set of  inspection guidelines called the Standards of Practice.


This guideline sets the performance expectations of each home inspection. It is the most widely accepted home inspection guidelines in use for the province of British Columbia. Subsequently, these guidelines encompass all of the home’s major systems and components. In fact, many government and legal authorities recognize this special set of guidelines as the definitive standard for professional performance.

Furthermore, each home inspection performed, will be completed in accordance with the Home Inspectors Association of British Columbia. As a result, having an inspection that follows the Standards of Practice, helps my clients to make sound purchase decisions based on valuable and objective information.


 HIABC: Who are they

The Home Inspectors Association of British Columbia or HIABC is the largest association of professional home and property inspectors in the province, representing all regions of British Columbia.

They are committed to protecting consumers through stringent membership requirements, mandatory ongoing training programs, and the detailed Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

HIABC’s contributions are key in the recently introduced regulatory control of the home inspection industry. Consumers can be now be better assured of their inspectors qualifications.

As a proud member of Home Inspector Association of British Columbia HIABC, Shelter West Home Inspections complies fully with their standards of practice, now called the Scope of Inspection.

To download a PDF version click here – HAIBC Scope of Inspection

HIABC Code of Ethics


The Code of Ethics contained within the HIABC Standards of Practice stresses the home inspector’s responsibility to:

  1. Act in a strictly fair, impartial, and professional manner
  2. To protect consumers by disallowing conflict of interest activities

To download a PDF version click here – HIABC  Code of Ethics


I want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with my services. If you have questions or concerns about these standards of practice, please contact me any time. I will gladly review and answer all your questions and concerns.