Meet Geoff

Meet The East Vancouver Home Inspector


Meet The East Vancouver Home Inspector

Hello, my name is Geoff Bohaker, it is a pleasure to meet you. I  founded Shelter West Home Inspections. In addition I am a licensed home Inspector,  who has over 13 years’ of combined construction and home inspection experience. My goal is to make you an informed homeowner, I am successful because I am impartial and I only work for you. meet.

What is my story?

As a matter of fact my love for homes and my fascination with building systems began at a very early age.  Once it was time to pick a career I knew it was going to be in the  construction industry. Consequently, I became a qualified tradesman in plumbing and gas fitting. During my time as a  plumber, I became educated in complicated installations. Additionally,  I completed a significant amount of service work both in residential and commercial buildings. In due time, I learned some valuable lessons, including understanding that good communication skills are essential in providing excellent customer service.

Yet despite enjoying the work I was doing, I wanted a new challenge. I really enjoy helping people and recognized that many people need help in understanding their homes. Thus, home inspection peaked my curiosity as a possible career path. Therefore, I diversified and went to school to train to become a home inspector.

Education & Training

Since education has always been important to me, I completed both the ASTTBC- PI training at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and the HIABC training, as I wanted to be as knowledgeable as possible. In doing so, I believe I can provide the best possible service for my clients.

To that end, I regularly attend ongoing education throughout the year to keep up to date with current building standards. As a result, I combine this experience and knowledge to provide you with high quality home inspections.


Finally, some examples of my education.

  • Diploma in trades training Plumbing and Gas fitting (4 year apprenticeship) – BCIT
  • Home Inspection 1 Course – BCIT
  • House Inspection 2 Course – BCIT
  • Home Inspection Report Writing Course – BCIT
  • House Inspection Field Inspection Course – BCIT
  • 5 mentor ship sessions (20 hours) – ASTTBC-PI
  • BC Building Code Part 9 Course – BCIT
  • Structure Examination – CAHPI-BC
  • Electrical Examination – CAHPI-BC
  • Heating/Cooling Examination – CAHPI-BC
  • Plumbing Examination – CAHPI-BC
  • Interior/Insulation/Ventilation Examination – CAHPI-BC
  • Exterior/Roofing Examination – CAHPI-BC
  • Business Practices/Standards of Practice Examination – CAHPI-BC
  • Field Training (50 Hours) – CAHPI-BC
  • Ladder & Fall Protection Safety – WorkSafe BC
  • Inspection Windows & Doors – Centra Constriction Group
  • Roofing Best Practices in BC – Roofing Contractors Association of BC
  • Inspection Wet Basements & Nasty Crawlspaces – Island Basement Systems
  • Mold Recognition, Assessment & Control – Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories
  • Roofing Best Practices ~ Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia (RCABC)
  • The evolution of building codes and home construction practices – Constructive Home Solutions
  • Manufactured home inspection course – Manufactured Home Association of BC
  • Marijuana grow-ops and chemical labs identification – RCMP Burnaby drug enforcement detachment
  • Inspecting HVAC – Gandy Installations
  • Residential Roofing Problems 2016 – Roofing Association of British Columbia (RCABC)
  • Attics and the problems you never knew – Constructive Home Solutions