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House Inspection

A house is one of life’s biggest investment decisions. It is crucial to have an impartial advocate working on your behalf to aid you in understanding its actual condition.

Condominium Inspection

A condo unit is a unique form of ownership so my condominium inspection "thinks outside the box." I inspect the entire building as an integrated investment, not just the actual unit.

Townhouse Inspection

Townhouses are similar to houses and condominiums. So the townhouse inspection encompasses the same components as house inspection except with special considerations.

Hello I'm Geoff: The East Vancouver Home Inspector

My first priority as the East Vancouver Home Inspector is to you, my client. As a homeowner and home inspector who proudly lives and works in East Vancouver, I have first hand experience of the climate and topography of this area. I have boundless curiosity about the variety of structures in our diverse neighbourhoods from the heritage homes in Strathcona, the "Vancouver Special" style of architecture in Victoria-Fraserview, to the green built condo buildings throughout East Vancouver. Ultimately, my mission is to be your unbiased advocate to aid you in making safe and financially sound housing decisions.


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What separates The East Vancouver Home Inspector from the rest?

Experience & Integrity Assured

When buying a home you need an experienced and impartial advocate to assess the home. I have over 13 years of combined construction (licenced plumbing tradesman) and home inspection experience. My work has provided me with essential skills, such as how to provide detailed and useful information through good communication. Moreover it is my philosophy to be unbiased, transparent and to only work for you and your best interests. With this in mind you receive an objective and comprehensive education about your prospective home.

Exceptional Service

As the East Vancouver home inspector I am passionate about going the “extra mile” when inspecting homes. In fact, each inspection is a: “hands-on, walk-on, crawl-on/under, climb-up” style inspection. So, you get information that goes well beyond an average inspection because I take a closer look at the roof, attic, crawlspace and foundation of your home. Diagnosing issues takes time, consequently, I only inspect one home per day because I strive for “Quality over Quantity.”

Narrative Reports

While a neighbourhood of similar style homes, may look the same, it is important to realise that every home is unique. Therefore, every report will highlight different problems. For this reason, I choose not to use generic checklist reporting. Instead, I take pride in providing comprehensive, yet easy to understand, narrative reports. In addition, each report I produce has numerous photos and helpful diagrams. Equally important, I focus on safety hazards, costly replacements, and maintenance issues. Finally, I custom design each report based on our unique climate.


Unparalleled Client Support

My services do not end once the inspection ends. Instead I provide free technical support throughout a clients home ownership. It is my hope to build relationships with my clients. So that they are comfortable to call or email me if they need a qualified opinion. Furthermore, I am available seven days a week to answer your questions.

Leading-Edge Technology

Home inspections are about finding deficiencies. Thus, I use the latest tools and equipment. Including: an infrared (IR) camera and moisture meter. As well as several electrical testers, and gas leak detection tools. Overall, I am always looking out for new and innovative ways to investigate home safety. 

Extras Are Included

Each home inspection includes basic appliance testing as well as testing each “wet room” for moisture leakage. Also, as a courtesy, if requested, I will help interpret strata documents for condo/town home inspections. Finally, I use a thermal camera to investigate possible issues. There is no charge for this service.


What Clients Of The East Vancouver Home Inspector Are Saying:

"Geoff was very thorough, and detailed in his inspection. He walked me through and clearly outlined all issues whether major or minor, and discussed corrective solutions to pursue. He saw things that I would have never seen, and glad he did so I can take care of those issues. Geoff did not rush through to get to the next job, instead he gives you his full attention, and does not book more than one inspection a day. We then received the report the next day with digital pictures, items that required attention were outlined, and easy to read and understand. Geoff is very professional, courteous, and I am very impressed with his level of knowledge. Would highly recommend to anyone."

- Mr. R. Kroeker

"Geoffrey is amazing, service compared to no other! We have conducted more than one inspection with him and he always finds out what issues are present. His reports are very well done, informative, very detailed and helpful to the average Joe who may not have been in this position before. He is an absolute pleasure to deal with, he’s polite and always on time. In fact, we were recommended by friends and I’ll recommend and commend him any day! Thanks Geoff for everything you’ve helped us with and brought to light!''

– Miss. S. Roe

"Dear Geoffrey, I want to thank you for your recent house inspection and your professional report. I want to especially thank you for spotting the two problems with the deck and informing me that there was some urgency to have those repairs done. The master carpenter we hired to do the repairs told us that many inspectors could have missed the need for the repairs, but the need was indeed urgent. When he showed us the damaged wood he had removed, we know that we had a very dangerous situation. It was a pleasure meeting you. To conclude, I would have no hesitation to recommend you to a friend or a future client."

- Mr. R. Lamprecht